Alexa Heenan

Emerging Curator / Writer / Researcher

Based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Alexa Heenan holds degrees in Art History from the University of Victoria and the University of Regina. She has a passion for art, love for history and interest in collections and archival management. Alexa is an avid art collector, specifically focused on Saskatchewan and emerging artists. Her research interests include:

  • ¬†History of photography
  • ¬†History of collecting and display
  • Contemporary Indigenous and Canadian art
  • Curatorial methodologies
  • History of auctions and the art market
Alexa has experience working with various collections in different capacities from research and curation to inventory and conservation. These collections include:
  • MacKenzie Art Gallery
  • University of Regina President’s Art Collection
  • RCMP Heritage Center
  • Saskatchewan Arts Board
  • University of Victoria – Legacy Art Galleries
  • Private and Corporate¬†
Wake, Richard Serra, 2004 (Olympic Sculture Park, Seattle, WA)
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